At Right Brain Music, we realize that every child has a totally different learning style.

The left brain child enjoys working on his own out of workbooks. He is independent, logical, and stores information easily in his short-term memory.

However, the right brain learner is a more “hands on” learner that enjoys projects and discussions.

The right brain learner also requires more interaction time with a teacher or adult and responds well to more one-on-one time when working on his schoolwork.

As you can see, the right brain learner responds well to colors, humor, pictures, and stores all of this information in their long-term memory.

At Right Brain Music, we have worked hard to integrate all of these things, and more, into our music learning program.

By incorporating humor, vibrant colors, and pictures, into each of our products, we have created a system that will enable music students of all ages to learn much faster, and retain the information much longer, than they would through traditional left brain music learning methods.

We encourage you to view the various videos and testimonials on our testimonials page to see how Right Brain Music has helped others, like you or your child, learn music the Right Brain way.